Samsung Galaxy S4 Overview

As are you certain that you're making the very best utilization of it, the manager of a Samsung Galaxy S4? That phone is very high priced and it really has a selection of wonderful features, but you are not making good utilization of the phone if you do not know exactly about the features available. The next Samsung Galaxy S4 tips will ensure that you make the most effective usage of this smart phone:

1. Available multiple windows at the same time: multiple options can be used by You at the same time with the goal to getting as much work done as possible. You can have your email on one half of your display whereas your visitor can occupy the other half. The menu that enables this feature might be triggered by holding down the back button.

For one, the screen will not dim provided that you keep looking at it. You can also tilt your head to be able to search up and down web pages or messages. This function is known as Smart Screen.

You are able to preview emails, photography cds etc. Just by going at them. If you need to increase your display then all you've to-do is point at it for some seconds. You've to keep your finger approximately 2 cms away from the screen.

4. Answer your telephone only by waving your hand-over the screen. You can also enable a function called Palm Motion to be able to take a screen-shot of the phone merely by transferring your palm over it.

5. Give instructions to voice to record a movie or take photographs. When you enable this feature, all you have to do is say 'Cheese' to simply take photos and 'Record Videos' to be able to do the needful.

As you can easily see, you'll find quite a few of good use features available to you as the user with this fresh cell phone. Finding informative data on Samsung Galaxy S4 just how to tips will let you obtain the maximum benefit from your fancy new phone. Further Information Our site.
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