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Hello absolutely everyone,

tan ann jeeMy title is Tan Ann Jee.

I adore Singapore! I started my individual pictures business termed Tan Ann Jee Images and I shoot alot of pics and establish a lot of portfolios along the decades. Quite a few folks desire to contact me Tan Ann Jee. I have lived in the southern point out of Malaysia close to Singapore for extra than 10 years and it's somewhere near the ATT constructing in central part of Malaysia.
Listed here are some of my pictures that I took during my trip.

Once when I used for the college, most of the decisions are about media generation. Pictures is just one of my favorite hobbies since I was young. An individual may perhaps inquire why I have to bother in getting pics in its place of getting deep recollections in my heart. Nevertheless, composing memory is not that effortless. Just about every time I dag out the images that I have taken, I could renew my reminiscences after. Pictures builds my personalities, allows me to confront with time, and views the planet in specifics.

To start with of all, most photographers are extremely handsome. I have recognized that photographers do usually hold a weighty digicam with many lenses in their bags, wear damp t-shirts and a cap to combat towards sunshine. They looked specialist and clever. I was a section-time photographer throughout my A-Degree break. At that time, I involved about my visual appeal pretty a great deal. I preferred to purchase the most pricey digital camera and lens so that my shopper could feeling my professionalism. On the other hand, my senior, Sunny Wong told me that there is no sense to turn into a terrific photographer dependent on your tools. He emphasised that photograph getting is a occupation that trains your obligation. Pictures in some way is an art creation. You have to fit your clients’ expectation, but clientele at the very same time are hoping for surprise. Therefore, carrying out photography enables me to come to be accountable and inventive.

In addition, pictures assists me to confront with time. It could seize the second that I want it to be forever. All over the rising stages of my everyday living, I found that human memory is not trusted at all. Hong Kong individuals are hectic, and also lazy. We are also busy to figure out what our existence is likely on and we are also lazy to reconstruct the scene from our memories. On the other hand, there is no time constraint in images. After I have pressed the shutter, the photograph belongs to me forever. When I am drained, I could generally read the smile from the images. Every single time when my entire world is getting rid of hope, I could revive myself with my dreams within just the pictures. Photography is by some means a approach to get me away from the awful and place me back to the actuality with a purer mind.

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