Living With HIV And Your Risk For Cardiovascular Disease

When identified as having Peripheral Artery Infection (PAD), it implies that a person’s circulatory system is compromised making it difficult for blood to make the journey to the limbs and produce much-need oxygen and nutrients. The issue of PAD usually results in discomfort in the feet and in serious circumstances gangrene as cells die as a result of absence of blood delivery. It's typically caused by blood vessels becoming narrow and blocked. It may be because of this of build-up of plaque on the inside walls constricting the passage or pressure of fatty tissue in the surrounding tissue.

It's thus not just a surprise that high blood cholesterol and high blood pressure often are likely involved in the development of the condition. High blood pressure will frequently harm the blood vessel and present scarred regions where cholesterol may become stuck and build-up with other debris into plaque. The constraint and obstructions may cause tissue damage or just slow down circulation to the limbs causing pain or discomfort when walking or climbing stairs. Victims are often discouraged by this from cell. When it comes to treatment, the goal is to restore circulation and make it convenient for your victim to stay mobile.

Some medications can also help increase circulation. Changes in lifestyle are also prescribed such as gradual build-up of exercise to boost blood circulation and healthiest low cholesterol weight loss programs. Smoking must also be stopped entirely to greatly help instantly decrease the degree of smoking in the system that hardens arteries. Exercise may be uncomfortable initially but eventually this discomfort will fade. Procedures can also be executed in extreme cases to greatly help open up blocked arteries. These generally include angioplasties and thrombolytic remedies. See Advanced Cardiac Life Support.
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